Exclusive: Prestigious Hospital Founded In 1963 Only Hires White Male Doctors.

March On Washington

A hospital in the UK has been caught using discriminatory hiring practices as it has only hired white male doctors since it was founded in 1963. Recently the hospital has had conversations about the possibility of going coed and hiring a female doctor. They’ve even tested the water by hiring a female master, another position that was formerly exclusively offered to white males. Yet there has been no talk about offering either position Doctor or Master to a minority character.

The name of this prestigious hospital is Doctor Who. The BBC show has yet to offer the lead role to any person of color but has teased the possibility that it could be offered to a female as the only other known living member of the Doctor’s race regenerated into a female for the first time and renamed the Mistress or Missy for short. With another Doctor position opening up the possibility existed to do something different but casting rumors have already suggested the position has been filled by Kris Marshall, yet another white male.

This casting rumor has left a lot of fans disappointed including former Doctor Who costar and current Guardians of the Galaxy villain Karen Gillian. When asked if she’d like to see the Doctor have a different race or gender she responded “Both. Let’s go with both. We need some diversity in the TARDIS. That would be great, and also a female could absolutely play the Doctor. You know, some people question it, and I’m like, you’re crazy. Of course, a female can play that role. There are so many actresses that could do that and I’d love to see that.”


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