Buy American, Hire American? Minorities Are Furious At Hiring Practices That Limit Their Opportunities

Donald Trump

Minorities are furious and will not resign themselves to a fate that limits their job opportunities. What makes this discriminatory practice truly shocking is that corporations that hire minorities actually tend to make more money than those that don’t. This according to every yearly UCLA Bunche Center study conducted on the subject. This fact of economic prosperity minorities bring to films has been most obviously observed in Universal’s Fast and the Furious franchise.

The latest installment Fate of the Furious grossed an absurd record shattering $532 million dollar opening weekend globally. This was accomplished by opening at #1 in every foreign market and the United States. Still most film franchises have not followed Fast and the Furious’ lead in making diversity central to their casting decisions. Instead these corporations have chosen to do the opposite as evidenced by a steady string of whitewashing that has gone on in Hollywood, particularly of Asians i.e. Aloha, Doctor Strange, The Great Wall, Ghost in the Shell. 

So despite making them more money these corporations not only don’t hire minorities, they go out of their way to ensure they don’t hire them. Unreal.


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