The Fight Against Reverse Racism


Prepare yourself for a harrowing tale of hardships and discrimination, one that is as old as the United States itself.

Coming soon is the inspirational story of how one man was able to reverse the tide of racism and break barriers for white men everywhere.

Yes white men have had the short end of the stick for far too long but this new show intends to put an end to all that.

According to Deadline,

“Token White Male is a character-based procedural about a fun-loving, no-filter, low-rent lawyer who, against all odds, becomes the first male associate at a groundbreaking all-female law firm.”

Fox has purchased the pilot and given a script commitment plus penalty to executive producer’s Carter Covington, Robin Schiff and Jason Winer.

That’s Hollywood speak for this thing is going to be on your TV or the network’s gonna pay a huge fee for the series to not see the light of day, a fee that can range up to low seven figures.

Thank goodness.

Finally, we are going to see a TV show starring an oppressed white man and his struggles to make it in a world out to get him.

Congrats to Fox for their bravery in putting the white man in a position of power for once.


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