CNN, MSNBC and Other MSM Don’t Want You To See This…

fake news

Here’s the news that the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see.

And I’m not just talking about CNN and MSNBC, I’m talking about even more mainstream than that. I’m talking about Disney, Warner Bros., Fox, Universal, NBC, CBS, ABC, basically all of Hollywood.

Despite all their efforts and diversity programs, Hollywood has remained a predominately white and male dominated industry.

In fact it’s so white there are plenty of minority actors who change their name to sound white just so they can get work.

Carlos Estévez changed his name to Charlie Sheen, Krishna Bhanji became Ben Kingsley, Chloe Wang became Chloe Bennet, James Rodriguez became James Roday and so on and so on.

Actress Chloe Bennet is a prime example. Hollywood had no interest in her until she changed her name.

“Oh, the first audition I went on after I changed my name, I got booked…So that’s a pretty clear little snippet of how Hollywood works.” Bennet said.

But what about actors who can’t hide their race by simply changing their name?

“Let me indict Hollywood as much as I can on this one,” David Simon (The Wire) told Newsweek.

“We have more working black actors in key roles than pretty much all the other shows on the air. And yet you still hear people claim they can’t find good African-American actors. That’s why race-neutral shows and movies turn out lily-white.”






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