Sick Of Losing Jobs To Foreigners? See How This Group Brilliantly Took Jobs Back!


Trump has promised to bring jobs back to America but one group of Americans couldn’t wait for his presidency to begin.

As the saying goes “fight fire with fire” and this group of American heroes took that to heart. They have already found a brilliant way to take jobs back from foreigners.

Of course I am talking about….


They’ve seen how American jobs have been stolen by foreign countries willing to do the job cheaper and they’ve had enough!

Tired of seeing jobs outsourced to Asia? Well thank you Nicola Peltz and Jackson Rathbone for showing that two can play this game. These white American actors took jobs written specifically for Asian characters in The Last Airbender.

And they’re not alone.

Ben Affleck plays CIA agent Tony Mendez in Argo, Jake Gyllenhaal is the titular Prince of Persia, Geoffrey Rush and Gerard Butler play Egyptian gods in Gods of Egypt.

Whitewashing is a casting practice in the film industry of the United States in which white actors are cast in historically non-white character roles and goes back to Hollywood’s earliest days.

At its worst, white actors would dress in blackface and give disgustingly racist portrayals of African Americans, most infamously in D.W. Griffith Birth of A Nation.

And it shows no signs of slowing down.

The recently released Doctor Strange features, Tilda Swinton portraying the Ancient One, who is Tibetan in the source material.

The upcoming Ghost in the Shell, is an adaptation of a Japanese manga, with the cast largely portrayed by white actors and Scarlett Johansson playing the lead character The Major, originally named Major Motoko. 

Death Note based on another Japanese manga will also star a predominantly white cast. With Nat Wolff  and Margaret Qualley, playing the lead roles.

Sorry foreigners, but it looks like Americans are taking your jobs for a change!




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