Trump’s America: Latino Population Entirely Disappears From Pasadena


Latinos have mysteriously and nearly entirely disappeared from Pasadena, California.

Where have all the Latinos gone? Have they all been deported? Is a wall keeping them out? Has the election of Trump scared them all away?

These are the questions you might ask yourself as you watch the #1 rated comedy on television, The Big Bang Theory, which happens to take place in Pasadena.

According to the latest Census, over 1/3 of the population in Pasadena is Latino, but you wouldn’t know that watching The Big Bang Theory.

Now in its 10th season the show has had almost no representation of Latinos. In its 216 episode run only 3 episodes have had Latinos appear on screen. In two of the episodes they are Latina cleaning ladies.


At least we got one episode with Officer Hernandez. Although technically he was a 6 hour drive outside of Pasadena.

Maybe that’s where all the Latinos went.



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